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Scott McGregor will speak on the topic of "Creating Disruptive Innovative High Technology Products and Services" using examples drawn from some of the products he has developed, including a sneak peak of his current digital photography product currently under development.

There are many talented engineers who have created innovative technologies and founded companies to commercialize these technologies.; yet few of those companies succeed. New technology can be a competitive advantage underlying an innovation, but is not sufficient to ensure success.

Nor is the secret to success to be found in traditional product management and product marketing methods; these are great for growing existing markets, but fail when pioneering new market categories or disrupting existing markets.

Scott will explain some of the surprising reasons for such results, and introduce some key concepts behind the SWIFT Method, a theoretically grounded, empirically proven, repeatable methodology for developing Disruptive Technology Innovations capable of creating a fast growing New Market Categories and establishing a start-up as the Dominant Competitor.

Topics Scott will cover include:
How non-consumers, undershot consumers, specialty consumers, market segment size, incumbent and new entrant profit margins determine protected niches for ripe for Disruptive Innovation.
How to use Technology Adoption Life Cycle methods to identify initial target consumers and achieve market dominance.
How Stakeholders, Goals, Tasks, Habits and Values can be used to design innovative new products that create strong consumer desire.


?Scott is a skilled designer, with a fine pedigree?academic and practical?both in software engineering and in design.? ? Alan Cooper, ?Father of Visual Basic? and Founder of Cooper Design, in his book "The Inmates are Running the Asylum"

Scott McGregor, "the Innovation Guy", is a High Technology Innovation executive with over 25 years experience leading software development teams in Silicon Valley. Scott has worked for some of Silicon Valley's most well known companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Intuit and Sybase. Scott has also been an entrepreneur and executive for numerous valley start-ups. In 1992 he was selected as Entrepreneur of the Year by Unix World editor David Flack, who cited Scott's invention of Prescient Agent User Interfaces as an important future technology for ease of use and improved user experiences. He was a co-founder and local chapter president of both the Association for Software Development (ASD) and the World Wide Institute of Software Architects (WWISA). He has been an MBA instructor for UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz and Univ of Phoenix Online, and a frequent speaker on Innovation at BayCHI, PARC and other Silicon Valley professional and entrepreneurial organizations.

Scott has designed over twenty innovative software products and web services, products that often won awards based on their ease of use. Among these, the most widely known is his 1998 design work on the PlaceWare Web Conference Center, today known as Microsoft Live Meeting , a web conferencing system that enables over a million people to meet over the web every day.

Scott is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Light Crafts, Inc., a start-up in the field of Digital Photography. He has been leading the development of a new product line with an innovative interface that will greatly increase the convenience and quality of digital photography. It is expected to debut in 2nd Quarter 2008.

Scott developed a repeatable methodology, called SWIFT?, for developing market disruptiving Innovative New Products and Services capable of catapulting new entrants to market leadership. This method has been taught to many Silicon Valley companies through the auspices of the SWIFT Design Group.

As usual great dinner and drinks will be provided!


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