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Topic: Creating Database-Driven Websites with Dreamweaver
Speakers: Rebecca Dornin
Date: Wednesday, March 8
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Cost: Free
Where: MIT Stata Building
AKA Building 32, on this map:
Room 32-124

Rebecca Dornin, web designer and programmer for Harvard Business School's Information Architecture group, will give an overview of making web database applications with Dreamweaver and Coldfusion.

Topics included will be:

1) How to connect to a database easily
2) How to insert, update, and delete items from a database easily
3) How to create logins easily
4) How to show query results on a web page
5) How to do all of these easily using cfm, php, or jsp

Ultimately, she will show how DMX makes it really easy and significantly faster to create web database applications.

She is totally enthusiastic about Dreamweaver as a product, because, in countless ways, it has helped her produce web sites in a quarter of the time it once took. The database application tools are one key component of this tool that are well worth a look.


Rebecca Dornin served on the Dreamweaver 8 advisory team, where she was part of a global community of expert web developers who advised Adobe on how to make the product faster and better.

During the past five years at Harvard, she has co-chaired the Harvard Flash User Group and developed many flash based instructional tools for the MBA program and Executive Education.

She is a graduate of Emerson College's New Media program and is studying computer science at Harvard and Brandeis. Her current work explores xml/xslt publishing systems, developing RSS feed creation tools, and streamlining web production processes.

She has performed a variety of freelance and volunteer work and has acted as an adviser to several well known organizations in design and programming. She loves giving back to her community and is always happy to share her knowledge and help others in a job search.

Her area of expertise includes:
Graphic Design
SQL Database Creation and Maintenance
HTML/RSS/Email Newsletters
Flash design and programming
Animated Advertisements
Perl, Java, Cold Fusion, PHP
Business Cards and Brochures
Secure Online Transactions

Find out more about her on her web site:

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