453 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, California

For Immediate Release
October 29, 2004

Arts Organization Create:Fixate
Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary at Their Next
"The Optical Lounge and Audio Lab"
At Spring Arts Tower in Downtown Los Angeles
Saturday, December 4, 2004

Los Angeles, CA - Create:Fixate gears up to celebrate the three-year anniversary of their arts organization as well as their massively successful bi-monthly event, "The Optical Lounge and Audio Lab." The 16th installment of their dynamic group art show takes place Saturday, December 4, 2004. Create:Fixate will once again take over the mezzanine of the Spring Arts Tower, a refurbished Art Deco Bank Building at 453 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (at the NW corner of 5th). The show will consist of five rooms dedicated to visual and multi-media art as well as two sound systems pumping musical pleasure. The evening begins with a free preview of the exhibit from 4:00pm - 7:00pm. The official event runs from 7:00pm - 2:00am. Admission is $10.00; $7.00 before 9:00pm. For more information please visit www.createfixate.com.

Create:Fixate is an organization dedicated to showcasing the work of emerging and mid-career artists in a unique environment. Founder, Michelle Berc, curates, produces and hosts these stunning group art shows, which presents artisans from around the globe with an emphasis on the local talent of Los Angeles. Awe-inspiring painters, photographers, sculptors, and multi-media makers exhibit alongside an equally impressive array of Los Angeles' finest DJs who are lined up to create a soundtrack for the night that transforms this from a simple 'art show' into the cities most anticipated Art Event. Since its inception in December 2001 in a downtown LA loft, to moves across town to Beverly Hills and back downtown again, the exhibits have tripled in size and gained a respectable reputation as far away as the New York Times.

The December 4th, event will feature 32 visual artists including the enigmatic paintings by KazuTabu, who's work delves deep into the mysteries of the world and explores the bottomless abyss of thoughts and dreams. Kenny Harris' distinguished oil paintings of interiors and landscapes reveal an outstanding capture of light, space, surface, and environment. Then there's the mix-media abstractions of Petra Westen who's work challenges conventional mediums by using elements such as panty hose and wafer cookies. Osman Khan's interactive installations and site-specific interventions explore themes that dissect how technology fabricates as well as subverts our understanding of identity, communication, and public space.

The event would not be complete without the spontaneous creative energy generated by artists painting live. The following painters will be on hand for the 16th "Optical Lounge and Audio Lab": Vanesa Martinelli, Tony Koehl, Astrid Chevallier, Edgar Tellez and The Brothers Thalamus: Blaine Fontana and Brandon Herrick as well as live "pola transfers" by photographer Bert Spangemacher.

Create:Fixate's newest sponsor The Art Store has generously donated painting supplies for the live painting room as well door prizes that will help inspire the creative side in the winners!

Create:Fixate is known for presenting a rich array of musical genres under one roof. 'The Audio Lab' will feature a live break-beat jazz performance by Rhythm Nathan. This three-piece ensemble is led by preeminent studio drummer John Wicks, who's early New Orleans's routes have influenced his playing style that bridges the gap between pop, hip-hop, punk, electronic, and ethnic-based urban styles. Wicks' virtuoso drumming - a sight to be seen - is quickly propelling him into the national spotlight and will be amply seasoned with DC Cooper's resonating stand-up and electric bass-lines, and Joel Bower's melodic tenor sax with lucid effects. Behind the decks, Create:Fixate welcomes the return of John Tejada who is not only an internationally recognized techno producer, but also a remixer, DJ, and label owner of Palette Recordings. Additional local DJs will supply the finest beats on two sound systems including residents AquaVee, Jubal and Saru, along with Lillyanne, Mick Cole, DJ Santo, Wiseacre, Argyle and Debt.

As an additional element, our sponsor, the keshot corporation will generously supply three keshot photo booths to the evening's event. The keshot is a kiosk that instantly records videos and pictures of the user, and allows the user to send the images via email instantly to any email address worldwide.

Below you will find short bios on the talent being showcased at the "The Optical Lounge and Audio Lab" event on Saturday, December 4, 2004.

~The Optical Lounge~

Mark Acetelli
Mark Acetelli's paintings are a mixture of emotions that evoke a feeling rather than just depict an image. Utilizing a mixed media of acrylics and charcoal with accents of etchings and layers of color, the atmosphere tends to stress the human form, ever evolving from the beautiful to the fragile, the mystical to the seductive. Acetelli manages to combine impulsive verve and technique to create colorful, living forms flourishing with swirls of motion and emotion.

Colby Mayes
Currently Colby Mayes is a practicing architect in Los Angeles. His work experience includes working for Daniel Libeskind, Frank Gehry, and is presently self-employed. Painting and collage have become ways for him to question and explore the boundaries between architecture and art. This particular series examines the values of color, along with the rigid structure of a line, and how it can be seen as framework to understand the
spatial and structural components in architecture.

Vicki Berndt
Vicki Berndt is a self-taught artist. After working as a freelance music photographer for 15 years, she decided to pursue her passion for painting. She likes to paint what she knows...rock stars, drag queens and pop culture icons.

Ardeshir Tabrizi
Ardeshir Tabrizi is a twenty-three year old painter born in Tehran, Iran. He moved to America at the age of four and has lived in Los Angeles, California ever since. His paintings are canvases that are alive -- they are his thoughts and philosophy banging on one million watt speakers. Some people fight with strength and words, but painting is his weapon of choice - his weapon used against humanities unmentionable acts. A weapon that fights fire with water, hate with love and oppression with freedom.

Eric Tucker
Eric Tucker's love for photography is the possibility of story telling through imagery. Whether he is shooting a conceptual illustration for an editorial, or a portrait for a national ad campaign, his desire for the past 12 years has been to communicate a story with each project. As a dropout of Art Center, and at the age of 37, he finds himself happily stuck with one foot in Venice and the other in Manhattan. He is also a very proud, and hopefully good, father to his six-year-old daughter Zoë.

Linka A. Odom
Linka A. Odom is a photographer, traveler and escapist. She began photographing abandoned buildings almost ten years ago. This fascination with vacant space led to a desire to see the abandoned Angkor Wat Compound in Cambodia. Once out of the country and into the third world, Odom found her passion. Seeking out the extraordinary in nature and humanity. Her images combine a fascination with the surreal and the classic elements of photography. Odom graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Photography in 1997. She is currently living and working in Los Angeles, planning her next escape. Of note: Smithsonian Magazine Top Prize Arts Category June 2004, David Allen Gallery Group Show April-June 2004, Santa Fe Workshops Annual Contest Winner 2001, Nymphoto Member, a collective of Women Photographers.

Kenny Harris
Venice painter Kenny Harris continues his painterly explorations of light and space. He combines his classical training with the energetic, gestural use of line and color from the latter half of the 20th century. His oils walk the line between calm, naturalistic light studies and boldly defined color fields, with brilliant light and reflections. They define a place and a mood, but with spontaneity and na?veté. He received his art training in the US and Italy. After living and painting in San Francisco, he moved to New York, where he studied under Frank Mason at Art Students' League. From 1998 through 2001 he participated in "underground" studio shows in San Francisco, New York and Venice, CA, as well as the Venice Art Walk in 2002 - 04. He currently shows at Terrence Rogers in Santa Monica and Gallery C in Hermosa Beach.

Petra Westen
Petra Westen is most certainly a multi-faceted artist. Born in Italy, her abstract mixed-media series are an on-going exploration of new materials. From wafers, and cookies, to panty hoses, letraset and resin, her ever-renewing manipulation of mediums is constantly challenging perception as it yearns to escape from a defined "painterly" identity. Along with painting she is a sultry singer-songwriter.

Trace Palmer
After winning a green card in the lottery, Trace Palmer immigrated to the United States in 1996 from Belfast, Ireland. While living in Eugene, Oregon, she became inspired by the art of glass blowing. Palmer began experimenting with the glass medium creating her own self-taught style and founded her own jewelry line called KarmaKulture. Her original glass jewels are combined with designed necklaces crafted with materials such as suede, leather, sterling silver, and semi-precious beads. Her designer line also includes enchanting rings and earrings. Palmer's unique contemporary glass jewels are her interpretation of traditional Celtic mysticism. Her designs are featured in The Functional Art Gallery at Bergamot Station and at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, and are worn by Sharon Stone in "Cold Creek Manor" and Lisa Kudrow in "Friends." Liza Minelli, Hilary Duff and Farah Fawcett own glass pieces by Palmer as well. Visit www.karmakulture.com.

Lionel Uhry
Lionel Uhry is a Los Angeles artist whose work has quickly established a growing and loyal following. He sites his major influences as Mark Rothko, Tetsuro Sawada, and Andy Warhol. Uhry's art attempts to evoke emotion in the viewer by capturing the essence of a particular moment in time while further exploring the expressive potential of color contrasts and modulations. Uhry places as much emphasis on color as he does on form. He believes the successful use of color - used in either harmony or opposition of a subject can draw from each of us a wide array of emotion, resulting in a stirring of irony, melancholy, joy or serenity while viewing his work.

David Goldman
David Goldman, born and raised in Toronto, has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 1994. He is a successful music and advertising photographer, but his love of travel has contributed to a more documentarian style that will be exhibited at Create:Fixate.

Mike Russek
Mike Russek received his Masters in Sculpture from The Maryland Institute College of Art shortly before coming out to Los Angeles in the fall of 2003. Since his arrival he has been part of the downtown art scene.First starting Transport Gallery, which has already established itself as one of downtowns most cutting edge underground galleries, to throwing the two day art and music festival "6 Degrees" which combined the talents of such art groups as Cannibal Flower, Create:Fixate, The Lab 101 Gallery, and his Transport Gallery. Russek continues to live in his studio downtown making sculpture and running the gallery.

David Jones
David Jones is largely a self-taught artist and paints what his mood -- or curiosity -- reflects at the given moment. He surrenders to his instincts as much as possible and finds it tremendously liberating.

Jophen Stein
After an explosion that killed everyone Jophen Stein ever knew, he turned his attention to art as a therapeutic measure to this unfortunate plight. In the years following he attended the Shaolin School of Fine Art where he graduated with distinction in 2003. He had lived a life of solitude until one day a baby of Ecuadorian decent was left on the doorstep of his Pomona studio. He appropriately named him Little Tiny and has dedicated his life to the upbringing and teaching of the now child prodigy.

Carlos Lima
Carlos Lima's interest in art began after studying Physics at UCLA and traveling through out the world. He spent his first years as an artist studying Abstract and Representational painting. He then evolved into a three- dimensional mixed-media art form. "I reached a point in which I felt confined by a flat surface and most traditional materials. I needed to explore art beyond painting and sculpture" he explains. After this realization, he developed a very personal mixed-media style that combines objects, photographs and paint in a fun, colorful and energetic way. His pieces are narrative in nature and they usually explore human interaction within different cultures and subcultures.

Bigger Krissy
Krissy is a Santa Monica, California-based artist who spent years as a journalist and web executive. However, neither career gave her the opportunity to explore or express her creativity on such a significant level. biggerKrissy.com is not only a reflection of her particular aesthetic, but also a vehicle through which she can relay her political and social views. The biggerBaubles Breakup Jewelry are the latest addition to the biggerKrissy line, inspired by Krissy's realization that sometimes boys say they will call and don't. In the end, relationship baggage looks better around your neck than on your back. The biggerPhilosphy is about having the
strength of character, humor and confidence to embrace and express one's individuality, and have fun doing it! Because in Krissy's biggerWorld, personality and uniqueness are valued above all and character is not
measured by lunch box sales.

Conner Vegas
"I didn't see it in the road until my front bumper slammed into it. It was all broken and bleeding in the snow, it's blood staining the perfect white. I wanted to look away but the sounds of the dog whimpering kept me entranced. In the trunk of my car there was a large plastic bag that was holding new art supplies I had bought the day before. I slipped the bag over the animal and held the open end to the exhaust of my running car.I didn't know what else to do, what was anyone to do?"

KazuTabu is a passionate illustrator emerging from the Los Angeles art scene. His work delves deep into the mysteries of the world and explores the bottomless abyss of thoughts and dreams. His ideas spring from beliefs
rooted in Japanese heritage, which believes that all things possess a spirit of their own. This spirit makes his surreal paintings come alive and allows people to ponder on the spiritual world that we live in. KazuTabu currently pursues his career as an editorial illustrator mainly dealing with political, social and environmental issues and wishes to remind people of their spiritual nature.

Daron Nefcy
Daron Nefcy was born and raised in Los Angeles and now at barely 19 has been part of the LA underground art scene for almost two years. She is currently attending Santa Monica Community College and paints whenever she can. Her work ranges from completely imaginative to picturesque images from her life and is often a combination of the two. She hopes you will enjoy her work.

Treiops Treyfid
Stark, chaotic, confronting, morbid, the technical eye and conceptual vision of Treiops Treyfid conjures a gamut of moods and emotions. Paradoxically, Treyfid can be both candid and repressed. His artwork parallels his complex persona, understated yet simultaneously invasive and bombastic. Treyfid's work, has previously been described as "Abstract Repressionism", a volatile, personal void, conceptually similar to the Jungian notion of the shadow, where fears, sexual desires, repressed anger and frustration form the core of his imagery. These threads of his persona are illustrated by dense, knotted and ambiguous shapes.

Julie L. Rasmussen
The paintings of Julie L. Rasmussen bring life to a simple canvas and a sense of wonder to those who look upon them. Born and raised in southern California, this Los Angeles-based artist has been drawing, painting and creating for as long as she can remember. Recently turning what was once only a hobby into a full time venture, Rasmussen has been offered exhibits in fine galleries, shown in numerous group shows and most recently landed a deal with a San Francisco based home furnishing store that will feature her work worldwide. http://photos.yahoo.com/jooiffy

Patrick Finley
If there is one thing that links Patrick Finley's diverse background it would be his visual sensibility. Originally educated in Art and Architecture, the native Philadelphian has recently made his home in Los Angeles. Working as a digital artist in the visual effect industry, Finley trades his mouse and keyboard for his sable brushes and larger than life canvases. His style varies as much as his background ranging from the abstract to the photo-real. His work has been shown in numerous shows in the Olde City district of Philadelphia.

Spectr's current project finds him embellishing clothing with his one of a kind hand pulled silk-screens. Many of his pieces are of a limited edition on high quality modern fabrics as well as vintage clothing. Influenced by comics and graffiti (as well as a steady diet of intense underground beats), his designs fuel the intensity that is somehow balanced with a subtle sense of elegance drawn from an interest in fashion.

Vanesa Martinelli
Martinelli's artwork is alive with intensity and is a product of the life force that mobilizes her. Sometimes, without having a clear idea of the final result, she approaches the canvas as she does with her every day life. She says, "Without the pre-judgment of what is going to happen, but with the absolute faith of being guided in the right direction. Which is expressed with thousands of shapes all along my path. 'The Women Series' is an homage to all of us because it's in our hands and our nature to build a better world." Technically, she is mixing materials and different techniques, working with a lot of textures, sometime collages of her own drawings. Martinelli builds her own frames and prepares her own canvas. It is very important to her to be connected with her art from the very beginning and enjoys the process all the way to the very end.

~Live Painting~

Tony Koehl
"I would like to bring a vision of the environment to which I have been placed. Taking in the vibes from the music, crowd and my own emotions I create images in the time passing. I never know what is going to come out of it, I just paint what is in my head, kinda like a free style. Different from what I personally do when I am at home, these moments give me the freedom to experiment and explore my boundaries. I hope you enjoy the pure paintings from the heart."

Astrid Chevallier
Astrid Chevallier is a French visual artist and musician who studied Fine Art in Paris, France. She started developing a style of her own after working as a designer for many advertising companies. She has designed posters for numerous shows and events as well as exhibited her paintings in France and abroad. In 1999 she crossed the Brazilian Rain Forest on a bicycle and wrote her visual book "Amazon." She recently relocated to Los Angeles where she works as a graphic designer, photographer, painter, musician and as an actress. Her latest series of paintings "Goldissime" refers to gold. It is a strong and subtle experience of colors and textures that appeal to emotion.

The Brothers Thalamus: Blaine Fontana and Brandon Herrick
Currently Blaine Fontana works in Long Beach, CA as a full time artist. He has been showing frequently on the west coast and is rapidly receiving local and national interest as a rising artist to look out for amongst serious art collectors and gallery owners. When he is not spending his time on his own art, he volunteers his time as co-art director and webmaster on the RTEA (Reaching To Embrace Art) board. Each of Blaine Fontana's paintings is branded with his unique trademark of twisted and highly stylized figures. Often passive, and somber with a grin, Fontana has labeled these characters "Templings", a fusion of two words, temple and being. Whether these beings are interpreted as people, gods, demigods, myths, shaman or your own reflection is up for interpretation.Neither male nor female, they function as the face of a spiritual currency and ambiguity that heavily relates to the therapeutic intent of Fontana's paintings.

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional realms are folded together in Brandon Herrick's abstract geometries. The paintings are both abstract and figurative. They are abstractions of perception, space, and also a perception of space, by representing illusion and allusion of form and depth, layers and light. The work is also figurative as space is literalized and objectified graphically.

Edgar Tellez
Born into a devastating civil war in Nicaragua, Edgar Tellez fled with his family to the US in the early 80's. However, the banging drums of war have led Tellez to find a great disturbance in the psyche of man. "Man has incarcerated nature with one-sided intellectual formulations. The machine age has stoned man from the feminine spirit of nature." According to Tellez, it is the feminine spirit that has been perverted, violated and blocked from men. His paintings express the duality of war and peace, love and perversion. Sometimes his figures are in the act of love making, whereas others, they seem to be at war. However they are presented, the figures express the eternal dance of man and woman.

~Furniture Design~

The nickname "Drusha" comes from his artistic and industrious Russian grandfather. Drusha carries on the family tradition by creating modern, functional, living art out of scrap metal and found junkyard objects.


Osman Khan
Osman Khan is an artist interested in using technology to construct engines that help create artifacts for social criticism and aesthetic expression. His work explores certain themes to see how technology fabricates as well as subverts our understanding of identity, communication, and public space through interactive installations and site-specific interventions. His work has been shown at Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, Beyond Media Festival, Florence, Italy; UC Santa Barbara, CA; LALALA Westweek, Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles; nano, LACMALab, Los Angeles; telic, Los Angeles; Dangerous Curve, Los Angeles; bank, Los Angeles.Live "Pola Transfer:"

Bert Spangemacher
Bert Spangemacher was born and raised in Borken, Germany and then followed by mandatory military service in the German Air Force in Canada, The Netherlands, Italy and at home in Germany. Throughout this time, he assisted a director/cinematographer in every aspect of filmmaking where he gained his first exposure to the elements of photography. In order to gain formal education and an understanding of the film/photography fundamentals, he completed a photography apprenticeship. At this point, Spangemacher's passion turned towards fashion and portraiture photography, which he found the most rewarding and launched his career path. He gained several years experience in Germany's media capital, Hamburg, before embarking on his dream of living and working in New York City.

Spangemacher will be taking photos using a Polaroid camera, a strobe and a light background, such as a white wall or curtain. After selecting someone out of the crowd, he will shoot a large-format Polaroid image. He pulls the Polaroid out from the camera and separates the two-layer image after a short developing time. This short developing time is important as this stimulates the dye transfer from the negative to the positive layer of the Polaroid. The negative layer is then mounted on a piece of hand made, acid free artist paper. The receiving paper and Polaroid negative are sandwiched for a couple of minutes before finally carefully removing the negative. The result is a unique "pola transfer" photograph which has a very soft image quality as well as warm watercolor-like colors.

~The Audio Lab~

~Performing Live~

Rhythm Nathan
Rhythm Nathan is a three-piece live break-beat ensemble whose reputation and following in LA's loft and rave scene is growing every weekend! Featuring preeminent studio drummer John Wicks, Rhythm Nathan exemplifies the ability to reverse engineer dance music into a new form and sound. Wicks' virtuoso drumming - a sight to be seen - is quickly propelling him into the national spotlight. He has recently collaborated and recorded with many prominent artists including, Skerik (Ropeadope/Atlantic Records), Heather Porcaro, Soccermom, and many more. With D.C. Cooper's (Heather Porcaro, Sensation Junkies) subsonic, modulating bass lines and Joel Bowers' (Greasy Beats, Fred Wesley, Melvin Sparks, Leon Spencer) melodic tenor sax through effects, Rhythm Nathan pushes the boundaries of electro-improv.


John Tejada
Since 1994, John Tejada has created more than 10 full-length albums and has over 50 12"s and remixes to his credit. Tejada has recorded for over a dozen of the world's most respected techno labels including, 7th City, Playhouse, and Pokerflat, as well as his own 8-year-old Palette Recordings imprint. He has showcased his unique DJ skills all over the world headlining shows in 20 countries. His sound has crafted a brand of subtle, musical techno, and his recorded output ranges across tempo and genre lines, from chilled out affairs with spacious arrangements to pulsating, densely layered, deeply energetic tracks that work magnificently in the hands of DJs as well as on a home stereo.

Throughout her years behind the decks, Los Angeles' DJ Lillyanne has undergone a metamorphosis of sophistication, evolving through formulaic house to the grittier, leftist side of deeper sounds. Her characteristic dirty beats, sinister basslines and futuristic funk have reached thousands on dance floors up and down the west coast, Chicago, El Paso, Seattle, Berlin and Mexico City. Her current calendar of appearances has her running relentlessly around LA most nights of the week. Her residency at the Wednesday night weekly Headinghome is the top mid-week attraction for local house heads.

Andrea Giardina aka DJ AquaVee has been DJing since 1992. After inspirations by such LA clubs at Flammable Liquid and Sunday Love, her passion for house music grew ever stronger. She started her electronic vinyl journey in Los Angeles and made her way down to San Diego, up to San Francisco and all the way to Argentina. After college in San Francisco and travels around the world, she finally settled back into Los Angeles where she has been DJing ever since. From October 1999 until 2003 she was a buyer at Beat Non Stop Records on Melrose in Hollywood. Her first 4-track EP, including "Swan Match", was signed to Beatnonstop Records and licensed to the compilation, "Girls in Space." Nowadays you can hear her spinning what some might call "Deep Tech", a combination of house and techno. AquaVee is also a resident DJ and Music Coordinator for the arts organization Create:Fixate and soon will be a rotating resident DJ at "Ridiculous", an after-hours club on Fridays in Marina Del Rey. www.createfixate.com/aquavee.html

Mick Cole
Heading the event production company SOL!D for over ten years and as one half of the internationally renowned DJ duo, The Bud Brothers, each week you can find Mick Cole selecting a fine blend of classy down tempo numbers at Moonshadows in Malibu and dropping chunky deep house grooves to funky big beats at the world famous Monday Social in Hollywood. Cole's DJ sets have drawn influences from working with the world's most innovative producers and selectors for many years.

DJ Santo
DJ Santo has been holding it down as the resident DJ at LA's Transistor Lounge for the last 4 years. As LA's premiere spot for what Flavorpill calls "sophisticated dance music" Santo has opened for an eclectic group of international artists such as Nicola Conte, Bugz in the Attic, Truby Trio, Thievery Corporation, Bebel Gilberto, Turntables on the Hudson and many others. His unique blend of broken beat and afro latin rhythms creates a unique warmth wherever he plays, and his releases as part of Soulphonic Soundsystem have been played by DJs around the world.

Argyle, a Los Angeles native, has grown up listening and playing various styles of music. He turned his knowledge into his own radio segment on Power 106's 'Old Skool Show', called 'Diggin in tha Crates', a stint that has continued for 5 years. He has performed at the annual B-Boy Summit for the past three years and has opened for countless hip-hop and rock bands, such as Ozomatli, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Vikter Duplaix. With his hip-hop foundation intact, Argyle has moved into the future sounds of house, broken beat and down-tempo. On any night you'll hear Argyle's versatility, playing a selection of underground hip-hop gems with old school classics, along with jazz, funk and breaks. Argyle's desire to reach the next level of his career spurred him to form his own music collective, The BeatHackerz Collective and has propelled him into writing his own music, which has been heard on KCRW's "Nocturna." Accomplishments and aspirations aside, Argyle simply desires to share the music deep within his soul with the rest of the world.

"The art of mixing, matching and selecting soulful beats is something very new to me; and after two years I find myself completely addicted and happily distracted. In the past year, Wiseacre has orchestrated a monthly happening called "Soul Brunch" which pulls it's inspiration from the Body + Soul parties of New York. Currently he is working on producing his first mixes in the genres of house, dub and world/downtempo; and soon hope to have a weekly venue to share all of these eclectic tracks. Stay tuned."

Los Angeles producer/DJ/volunteer monkey ranger SARU spends one month each year trekking through the mountains of Nepal searching for rare herbs. Are they in between a baboon's brow, under a long forgotten trading card, or possibly in the folds of a sequined prayer robe? Who knows? He seeks these mystical plants for a magic elixir that will one day wash away the woes of the world. Someday he'll find the elusive ingredients. In the meantime he settles for twisting vinyl discs into eighty-minute mandalas and brewing his special tincture of throat-soothing beats. (www.downtempodojo.com)

Jubal has been digging for downtempo wax for five years. His music selection revolves around creating lounge and sultry downbeat vibes. Spinning is a vital means of expression for Jubal - it's the way he channels his energy and emotions outward. Jubal currently holds a weekly Thursday night residency at Halie Lounge in Pasadena. You can also catch him providing atmospheric beats at various lounges and art openings around LA.

Tyler Giardina aka Debt
Tyler Giardina aka Debt is known for his hip-hop beats with hues of eclectic sonic nuances from around the world. Born in Boston, raised in Los Angeles, Debt's DJ career blossomed in the mid 90's. Ending up in San Francisco, working at Om Records, his musical career led to numerous appearances at Justice League and Rico's to name a few. The past few years have been devoted to producing his first full-length release. While currently residing in Los Angles, Debt has begun to put the finishing touches on his future record label GGM Inc, which debuts April 2005.

# # #

For more information or to interview Create:Fixate founder and curator Michelle Berc please contact Lynn Hasty at Green Galactic at 323-466-5141 or [email protected].

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