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The blend of thought and practice that the CREATE conference wants to encourage was nicely summed up recently by interaction designer, Jack Schulze: “No one cares about what you think, unless you do what you think. No one cares what you do, unless you think about what you do.” Our past conferences have been well received for providing a friendly and informal setting where networking, discussion and practical work are high on the agenda.
After three very successful years at the BCS offices in London’s Covent Garden, the annual CREATE conference is moving north to Edinburgh Napier University, inspiring this year’s broad theme of ‘transitions’. The move to the university’s city centre venue will allow the conference to expand and also provides an opportunity to launch a new student design competition. The conference organizers are particularly pleased that the winning students’ entries will be on public show at Inspace, a fantastic new-media exhibition space.
The CREATE conference is all about creating innovative interactions, whether digital consumer products, interactive services or interaction paradigms. The event is an opportunity to share and discuss the design opportunities and dilemmas that are currently being addressed by practitioners and researchers from the commercial, public and academic sectors.
As well as presentation of academic research and student work, the event will provide real learning opportunities through hands-on workshops, case studies and demonstrations. We also welcome theoretical and research perspectives on the process of design innovation and approaches to creativity in HCI; how human factors can be integrated within a creative design process, methods that encourage creativity in interaction design, and the challenges of working in multi-disciplinary teams.
CREATE is jointly organised by the Human-Computer Interaction Specialist Group of the Ergonomics Society, the British Computing Society's Interaction Specialist Group and Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Interaction Design.
The Call for Participation will be out soon for papers, videos, exhibitions, demos and workshops. If you would like to be kept informed please email: Ingi Helgason, Centre for Interaction Design, Edinburgh Napier University.

Official Website: http://companions.napier.ac.uk/~create2009/Site/welcome.html

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