6141 N. Hopkins Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53029

This is the monthly meeting of the Cream City:: Milwaukee Flickr Group. We're a group of amateur, semi pro, and professional photographers from around the community who get together to have fun, explore the wonderful city we all live in, share with each other, and learn more about photography, but above all else, enjoy ourselves!

Everyone is welcome to come and attend, just bring yourself and a camera. There is no fee (unless you eat at a place we stop, which is encouraged), and there is no special equipment that you have to bring other than your camera. We have users who bring simple point and shoot cameras, expensive digital SLR's, film, and everything inbetween and sometimes not between.

Specific Details:
February 16
Phase I at 1:30
Phase II at 3:30 (approximate)

Phase I at WInter Nature Fest

Havenwoods State Forest
6141 N. Hopkins
Milwaukee, WI 53209


Meet near the information desk inside the Environmental Awareness Center.

Phase II at Silver Spring House

Silver Spring House
6655 N. Green Bay Ave.
Glendale WI (414) 352-3920


Well, the hamsters have been busy tabulating the votes for the next Photowalk, and the vote came out as indicated above. We'll meet at Havenwoods as indicated and then wander around a bit.

With the size our group has become, and there being no obvious route, my guess is that the group will splinter into multiple subgroups fairly quickly.

If you find yourself wandering about with just a few CC'ers, there's nothing to panic about. Just find your way over to Silver Spring House when you've had enough photography for the day, and pull up a bar stool. Soon or later, everyone else who's interested will turn up.

If you've had your fill of winter already, or are adverse to whatever will be happening weather-wise that day, why not simply join us at SIlver Spring House? It's warm, and I'm told they have beer there.

See you there!

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/creamcitymilwaukee/discuss/72157603873452836/

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