524 S. Layton Blvd.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53215

From event posting on Flickr:
Admission is $5. Buy your ticket and meet in the lobby.

Note: Commercial Photography requires a permit. Therefore, we're all amateurs, got it?

Full details of location: www.county.milwaukee.gov/MitchellParkConserva10116.htm

After the walk: Let's plan on making the short drive over to Front Row/ TGIF's at Miller Park. I've always wondered what this looks like when there's no game going on.


We in the Land of Cheese are a hearty breed aren't we? We know how to adapt to the cold and the snow. We bundle up in layers of fleece, down and Gortex. We consume copious amounts of hot chocolate and other warming libations. We purchase tools and machinery to help clear snow and ice. We brave the elements and plunge onward wtih our photography, lording our toughness over our weaker brethren in warmer climates.

Well, you can forget about all that macho stuff for one more month. We're heading to the Mitchell Park Domes. This will give you a chance to do a little macro and flower photography, take some informal portraits of your Flickr buddies, marvel at the achitectural wonder of The Domes, and briefly escape Wisconsin to the warm climes of the desert and the rain forest.

Not a bad deal for Five Bucks, eh?

Afterwards, we'll head over to Miller Park and check out the Front Row /TGIF's. Normally, we go for the locally-owned places that ooze character and charm. However, this isn't too far from The Domes, and the usual group size is getting to the point where we need to make certain we have a fair bit of space. Besides, I'd like to see what Armando can do with one of his patented night shots inside a dark and snowy Miller Park.

Hope to see you there.

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/creamcitymilwaukee/discuss/72157603393507285/

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