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Getting in Tune, Trott's first novel, is based on his experiences playing gigs with West Coast rock bands, from San Francisco to Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

Book signing of Rock musician and former music critic Roger L. Trott’s new novel, Getting in Tune. It is a wild romp through the world of ‘70s rock ’n’ roll and pop culture. Propelled forward by the whispered wisdom of the Who’s Pete Townshend, Getting in Tune follows the driven but erratic Daniel Travers as the 20-year-old guitarist drags his unwilling band onto the road in pursuit of fame and Townshend’s vision of the elusive Universal Chord.

As Kathi Kamen Goldmark, author of And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You and founder of the Rock Bottom Remainders, describes it, “Good gigs and bad gigs, girlfriends and groupies, poseurs and punks: Getting in Tune will ring deliciously true if you’ve been in a band—and deliver a rare glimpse behind the curtain if you’ve ever longed to be. Crank up the volume and enjoy Roger Trott’s wild rock & roll ride.”

It’s the fall of 1976, and Daniel Travers’s life is a mess. His band, the Killjoys, is essentially going nowhere; the pills he’s popping are making him crazy; and the voices banging around his head have him convinced that he’s a bleedin’ quadropheniac. On top of everything, what he calls the Real Me, his true self, has disappeared—and he’s lost without it.

Then the phone rings, a new agent offering a weeklong gig at the exotic Mai Tai Hotel, in Puente Harbor, Washington. Told by the agent that Jimi Hendrix and Heart started out at the Mai Tai, Daniel sees the weeklong gig as his best chance to get the Killjoys on the road to success. And for Daniel, it’s about seeking—as his unlikely guru, Pete Townshend, whispers to him—the redemptive promise of the Universal Chord, the perfect set of notes that will restore harmony to his life.
A novel full of the low grit of small-club rock ’n’ roll, Getting in Tune captures the fire of the rock ’n’ roll dream as well as the tantalizing notion that music can transcend chaos, that it can bring perfection to our messy lives.

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