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Consumer Packaged Goods Experts Lined up for Exclusive Demand Planning Summit Organized by IE group

- This invitation only event will have over 150 senior execs attending
- Clearly positions effective Planning and collaboration at the heart of decision making for companies across the CPG vertical
- FREE Report available providing more insight into challenges facing the business forecaster & demand planner

IE Group launches the exclusive CPG Forecasting and Planning Summit in Chicago May 27-28, 2009. www.09.ie-grp.com/CPG

Bringing forward-thinking business leaders together to shape the revolutionary ideas that spark innovation in forecasting & planning within the CPG industry.

Effective planning is central to business success. In the modern business environment technological developments and the advances of globalization have created unparalleled opportunities for businesses to expand their markets. But new opportunity has opened the door to new challenges.

As competition intensifies, businesses have never been under as much pressure to consistently provide the products their customers want, when and where they want them. Shifting customer expectations and the increasingly global nature of supply chains and partnerships place formidable demands on planning, as the number of relevant variables balloons and the predictability of data becomes increasingly uncertain.

In this context, businesses are turning to a variety of business processes, techniques and technologies to identify and capitalize on the challenges of modern markets. This summit will focus on the solutions offered by innovative strategy execution, S&OP and business forecasting. The Summit will comprise of learning objectives, illustrated intermittently with a number of illustrative case studies:

•How to create business excellence with optimal communication, collaboration and co ordination

•To provide an overview of S&OP and business forecasting, including the potential benefits their successful implementation may bring

•Discover how demand planners can optimize the demand management process to increase profitability
•Learn how to optimize the new product forecasting & planning in your company
•Hear Innovative ways to collaborate with your key clients and discover innovative inventory and replenishment strategies

With over 200 high level execs attending and a speaker faculty including:

• SVP, Inventory & Replenishment, Officemax
• Director, Forecasting & Planning, Coopertire
• Director Demand Planning, Wrigley
• Director Category Management, Dannon
• Sr. Director Supply Planning, Heinz
• Director Product Supply, Wrigley
• CFO, Pepsi Co International
• Inventory Manager, Kmart
• Director Transportation, Pepsi
• Director Supply Chain, Coca-Cola
• Vice President Consumer Insight, QVC
• Director Demand Planning, Miller Coors

Visit http://www.09.ie-grp.com/CPG/Overview.html for a full list and profiles

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Official Website: http://www.09.ie-grp.com/CPG/Overview.html

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