7-9 New Wakefield St
Manchester, England M1 5NP

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Matt Cox is throwing a party at Font Bar in Manchester to celebrate his 21st Birthday - it's also a brilliant reason to put a gig on.

Entry is free and grants you access to sweets, a big plasma tv with ps2, Cocktails for just 2quid, two for one on Peroni, bottles of wine going cheap before 8pm and live music by...

goFASTER>> formed in the early summer of 2006 to write pop songs about rubbish jobs, daytime television and STD's.
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Mr Kamikaze
Mr Kamikaze was formed late 2006 from the smoking remains of other bands. They play music and are in the processing of recording their new smash hit, and are also performing live versions of their material.
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DJ Shaks

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Added by coxy on November 30, 2006



Sunday now. ;)


It's all about the Opera freebies really :D


This is so bizarre... I saw this ages ago and thought it would be funny to turn up, get the freebies, and then leave even though I didn't know you at all.

But now I can do the same, except I know who you are now.



Hurrah! You should come. It'll be good to see you there.


'Yet another time at font, drinking plentiful cocktails' Sigh. :)


Will try and make it Coxy, if I dont Happy B-Day in advance. I too like Teaeff had seen this one on upcoming donkeys ears ago but didnt know you then - how surreal!


Yeah, anyone can come! I want people to treat it as an open gig.


Swish it's actually pretty imminent :D


Now with added DJ Shaks Flavour!

www.mydjspace.net/shaks (music)
www.flickr.com/photos/chelseajon/ (photos)


Darn - just realised I can't make this now - other commitments this weekend. Bummer! Have a great birthday, Coxy, and hope to meet you at one of the Flickr events instead. :-)


just wondering, how long do you have font till?
weekdays be damned!


The place closes at 12.30pm, so until then.
7.30pm start, live music's over before 10.30pm

Hope you can make it in your Money Mark ways. :P


will do, hoping to pop down before and perhaps even after too. we shall see...


Hope you all have a great time, sadly I won't be able to come as i've other plans already (family commitments, stuff at home ect) but have fun and havea few on me (drinks that is)