502 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2B3


We're trying to gauge interest in developing a permanent dedicated coworking space in downtown Toronto. This might include shared office space, some anchor offices, meeting and training space, and a private cafe. It could be any or all of those.

Let's have a discussion with a brief presentation to explore what it might be and why you might want to be a part of this.

Where: Epicure Cafe, 2nd fl, 502 Queen St W, between Spadina and Bathurst

When: Tue May 27, 7:00-8:30pm

(The meeting space is reserved from 6:00pm through 8:30pm to allow for sufficient time to get something to eat or drink, but we will get started with a brief presentation at 7:00pm and then open it up for discussion. Please register to let us know if you're coming so that we can adjust plans accordingly.)

Who: Anyone who wants to get out of their homes or lonely offices and into a shared collaborative space

Why: It's lonely working by yourself, and caf├ęs can get noisy

Please register at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/116040079

Hope to see you there!

Official Website: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/116040079

Added by ruyoung on May 13, 2008



This does interest me but I will be out of town that evening. My needs are mostly for occasional meeting space/working space with wifi at a good price. I am currently using Starbucks for this. ;-)

What has happened with Indoor Playground? http://indoorplayground.ning.com/

I am also been thinking about whether I fit in with the goals of the Centre for Social Innovation for this purpose. http://www.socialinnovation.ca/

Interested exploring a different vision, though. Maybe a venue that encourages cross-pollination of ideas; opportunities for collaboration.

Connie Crosby
[email protected]


Ooo, same night as the Toronto the Good party at Distillery District, so I'm torn. Great initiative!


connie - ip shut down last year, unfortunately. it was a great space, but the reason i heard was that the building landlord jacked up the rent when the lease was up for renewal, and it became unmanageable.

csi is a fabulous space, but yes tenants need to fit with their mandate, and kudos to them for keeping true to their initiative.

we want to start a general space, much like what ip was, and open it up to anyone who has full time, part time, and drop in needs, as well as rent out the space for events, meeting space, etc.


remarkk - the toronto the good party goes late. you can do both! :-)


This suggestion may likely be obvious - however, have you guys thought of connecting / extending / collaborating with the Center for Social Innovation http://www.socialinnovation.ca - perhaps this initiative has a
different focus, etc, however there may be lots of in common, synergies, etc?


Hey, guys - did you also see this one @ Mars:



You guys might also be interested in this event, hosted by Eli (from Centre for Social Innovation):

Collaboration Through Co-location: Strategies For Sharing Resources And Building Community



Folks, let me know how it goes and contact me by email if you want to bat around any ideas. Will watch for tweets on Twitter, too. :-)

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