1600 17th Street @ Wisconsin
San Francisco, California

Below you will find a list of bands (some w/ bios) who will performing in this years COWAPUNKA!
When: Saturday - November 12, 2005
12pm ? 2 am
COWAPUNKA! 2005 a benefit for the West Memphis Three - http://www.wm3.org
12:00 ? 4:00pm (PL & PL2 showings)

Toshio Hirano - http://www.toshiohirano.com

"His voice has that perfect old-time waver, and his yodel could bring tears to your eyes. His faithful, respectful renditions of heartbreaking country tunes is something to behold.' - SF Gate

"A yodeling cowboy from way out east. It's cute as hell." - Squidlist.com

Casey Just and the Psykophoniks - http://www.caseyjust.com (hailing from Austin, TX)

Sik Luv - http://www.myspace.com/sikluv

Hiroshi Hasegawa?s Poontang Wranglers - http://www.poontangwranglers.com

Ventriloquist jug-time band Hiroshi "Kill Bill" Hasegawa's Poontang Wranglers return with more antics.

Kemo Sabe - http://www.myspace.com/kemosabe

"Kemo Sabe, an acoustic trio consisting of mandolin, stand-up bass, and guitar, play modern-day campfire songs with the bare-wire energy of punk rock. At times fast and furious, at other times soft and sweet, their sound kicks around a variety of genres from bluegrass to klezmer, to rock n' roll. Playing such diverse venues as street corners, taco bell, musical saw festivals, and punk rock clubs, they've developed a reputation for zany stage antics and solid picking and slapping." --Mouth of God

Sammy Shakes

Born out of the vomit of a night's binge of cheap booze and cigarettes, Sammy Shakes burst onto the San Francisco Bay Area music scene in early 2002. With it, Sammy Shakes brought a high-powered, guitar driven attack which could kick your ass and take your money. - Powerslave.com

Mojo Apostles - http://www.mojoapostles.com

"Absolutely the funniest newcomers to the bay area rockabilly scene. The Mojo Apostles blend stunning musicianship with a lyrical wit unseen since the likes of John Steinbeck and Charles Bukowski. If you're into trashy tales from trailer parks or the misadventures of plain 'ol working stiffs, the band's your can of beer." - Christian Lunch - sound guy...The Stork Club


Carl Horne Experience

Ill Gotten Gainz - http://www.burntramen.com/illgottengainz/

Ill Gotten Gainz plays ball-punching rock 'n' roll with country charisma! Originally, Ill Gotten Gainz was a one-man band. Lead singer and guitarist Myk Ramen played by himself for years under the Mykee Hates LIFE pseudonym. It was only after several failed lineup changes that bassist Erik Brim (formerly of Angry Amputees) and drummer George Matthews (of The Malnourished) joined Myk and became Ill Gotten Gainz.

Western Dark - http://westerndark.com/

DJ Evil Justin

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