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Come enjoy an authentic Mediterranean North African couscous, accompanied with algerian wines while wactching Belly dancing.
This Algerian couscous is simply a culinary wonder.
Served with vegetarian sauce , two kind of meat on the side, chicken and meat balls, chick peas, carotts, zuchini,turnop,cabbage.
- DELICIOUS!! Just the way my mom used to prepare it in Algeria...the smell...the taste..- says Kamel, our Chef.

Belly dance is a Western term for a traditional Egyptian dance form. Some American devotees refer to it simply as Middle Eastern Dance. In the Egyptian Arabic language it is known as raqs sharqi or sometimes raqs baladi; literally dance of country, and so national or folk dance. The term belly dance is a creation of Orientalism, first used in English in 1899, and translating in French to danse du ventre

Official Website: http://vinideus.net

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