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Folk rock artist Courtney Nicole is the latest in a line of musical tradition stretching back a long way. And she's the voice of the future. Combining traditional elements with her unique vision, Courtney is a songwriter with heart and spunk. She wears her heart on her sleeve but she's strong. And it comes across in the music. This is a woman and an artist we can both love and respect.

No Such Thing as Off Limits

Part of being an emotionally and intellectually honest songwriter is being willing to confront anything. The heart is a source of many feelings and not all are happy or pleasant. But they all contain truth. And there is the secret of Nicole's songwriting. She isn't afraid to confront anything the human soul can conjure. �No emotion is off limits when dealing with music,� she says. But that's the beauty of music. �It can enhance the happiness in your day or soothe the heartache in your chest.� Confronting the pain as well as the joy is the only way music finds its full power. �It runs the gamut of emotion, which is why it is so powerful. I find music therapeutic and necessary for the soul.�

Transcending Language

One of music's greatest rewards, besides the healing factor, is the simply electricity of connecting with others. Music enablers interconnectivity between people that is unique to its power. Nicole's power to connect via music is an astounding strength of her songwriting. �Music connects people with people in a way that transcends language alone. Meaning can be twisted to fit infinite people in an infinite number of ways. Music is my spirituality ...�

The Artist at Work

Nicole is hard at work crafting new songs to bring more pleasure to her fans. She's also busy recording. And the fruits of her labor have manifested with the new album �Fall Skyward.� Nicole is currently working with A&R Select, the hottest indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.

Courtney Nicole is helping to bring the idea of power in musical honesty back to the people.� - A&R Select

Official Website: http://theutah.org

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