420 Mason St
San Francisco, California 94102

Couples Computers and Gaming is a funny and serious look at the sexes and computer games. Emcee podcasting couple from Sirius radio, Dawn and Drew will join the all female online gaming team- the girlz 0f destruction, plus shoutcaster Kimli Welsh, top Quake player, Rafik LoST-CaUsE Bryant.

There will be presentations by experts in game development, interactive advertising, next generation relationships and games, and lots more to talk about how to work games into your relationships. Hey one of the speakers even met her husband through playing games online.

Sponsored by VIA Technologies, they're giving away a trip for two to Sweden to a couple to train for a weekend with the girlz 0f destruction at the Home of Chrome where the team lives and trains in Stockholm. Lots of other prizes too.

Co-sponsored by Women in Games International, Buena Vista Games (gotta see their Desperate Housewives PC game) and Polywell Computers.
Tickets are $35 at Ticketweb and $45 at the door.

Official Website: http://www.ticketweb.com/user?region=sfbay&query=detail&event=698087&referral_id=evite0

Added by pookah on November 8, 2006