992 Valencia Street @ 21st
San Francisco, California 94110

Free beer 8 pm, program 8:30pm

Other Cinema opens with:

The Yes Men + Subvertisers + Copyright Criminals

Here's a battery of short guerrilla interventions that (monkey-) wrench open a space of creativity and critique amidst the Spectacle.

Acting as emcee is our avuncular advocate Stoney Burke, bringing back, on the occasion of its 15th anniversary his watershed jam Stoney Does Houston.

ALSO: Righteous media pranks by our favorite political stuntmen, the Yes Men, including the now-notorious Dow Chemical Hoax. PLUS Kembrew McLeod/Ben Franzen's Copyright Criminals (trailer), a smart and savvy salvo against intellectual-property bozos. AND: Mike Seely/ Sarah Eberhardt's Subvertisers essays into an energized update on culture-jamming activities, with appearances by the Billboard Liberation Front and Kalle Lasn of Adbusters. Doors open at 8pm for free beer and a preview of the new Animal Charm DVD!

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http://www.kembrew.com (free download of Freedom of ExpressionŽ: Overzealous Copyright Bozos and Other Enemies of Creativity at http://kembrew.com/books/)



Michael Seely, Sarah Eberhardt

The cultural activists of the 21st century can't wait around for a sit-in; they're out in the field every day getting their point across by subverting the power that advertising has over our lives. Tracing the movement from coining of the phrase "culture jamming" to the current actions of media activists like Adbuster Magazine's Kalle Lan, Subvertisers is an engaging survey of the culture wars and an introduction to a personal, revolutionary way to affect the world. (24 min)


992 Valencia Street
San Francisco
(415) 648-0654
Valenica near 21st.

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