2961 16th Street Across from the 16th BART Station
San Francisco, California 94127

The CounterCorp Anti-Corporate Film Festival is a three-day series of films, panel discussions, and related events held annually in San Francisco's historic Mission District.

The 2007 CounterCorp Festival returns to the Victoria Theatre this year with a full program of films, director Q&As, panel discussions, and after-parties. The line-up for this year's Festival includes (in alphabetical, not chronological, order):

BEFORE THE MUSIC DIES — Ever wonder why most pop music is so dreadful? See this movie and find out. A disturbing look at the corporate stranglehold on the music "industry"(!), featuring interviews and performances by Erykah Badu, Eric Clapton, Branford Marsalis, Dave Matthews, and other top recording artists. The tunes alone are reason to see this film.

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION — A provocative and humorous look at the battles being waged in the courts, film studios, schools, museums, and Internet between people and corporations for control over our cultural commons.

THE METHOD ("El Metodo") — It's a dog-eat-dog struggle in a large Spanish multi-national corporation, as seven candidates battle each other for an important position in the company. One by one they're eliminated in a grueling process that tests their limits.

OVERDRAWN! — In the tradition of "Supersize Me" and "Sicko" comes this chronicle of one man's valiant struggle against the predatory practices of the modern U.S. banking industry. Can citizen David ever hope to defeat Goliath, Inc?

WE FEED THE WORLD — A cinematic journey that follows the flow of goods and cash in our globalized food system, from the farmers, fisherman, and truck drivers all the way up to the high-salaried corporate executives. Captures the scarcity amid plenty in unforgettable imagery. The pictures alone are reason to see this film.

Tickets are $10 (full-festival pass $50). We will be announcing at least one more feature film, along with the short films, festival schedule, and online advance tickets sales shortly. For more information, visit the CounterCorp website: www.countercorp.org.

You can also sign up there for our news and events e-mail list (http://list.countercorp.org/mailman/listinfo/countercorp-news), and/or subscribe to our self-updating “e-calendar” (webcal://icalx.com/public/CounterCorp/CounterCorp.ics) to get all the latest festival information delivered directly to your computer calendar automatically.

Official Website: http://www.countercorp.org

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