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Costume-Con is a premiere venue for professional and hobbyist costumers to meet, compete, share, and socialize.

Costume-Con features extensive informational programming about the art and craft of costume, presented by attending members of the conference.

Costume-Con 26, coming to San Jose, April 25-28, 2008, welcomes space cadets, living history afficionados, reenactors, textile designers, theater designers, fursuiters, mascots, cosplayers, fantasy costumers, costume professionals and folks who just like to dress up! We look forward to mixing it up with all types of costumers (and those who appreciate costumes, such as photographers and artists).

Official Website: http://www.cc26.info

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We're really looking forward to your show!

Auntie M

In celebration of one of our favorite costumed holidays, I'm happy to announce that Costume-Con 26 weekend membership rates will not increase tonight as originally planned.

Adult Weekend Memberships will remain at the current price of $85 for the remainder of 2007, with a planned rate increase on January 1, 2008.

This means that you can purchase memberships for your friends as holiday gifts! Which holiday? Diwali is right around the corner...

Auntie M

Get your memberships now!

As of January 1st, 2008, the cost of membership increases:
Adult attending membership goes from $85 to $95
Youth attending membership goes from $30 to $35

So why not give the gift of CC26 membership now, to yourself or a
costumer friend! It's perfect.

Auntie M

CC26: ePR 3.1 is Available!
Get it while it’s hot!
The third electronic-only edition of Seams to Me!, the CC26 progress report, has just been uploaded to the website. Check it out for updates on online registration, the doll exhibition, tours and excursions, and more!
Pass it on!

Write us at [email protected] if you have questions or want to volunteer.

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Costumer Retrospectives at Costume-Con 26
Costume-Con 26 is reviving the Costumer Retrospectives, first presented at Costume-Con 23. You will have the unique opportunity to view a body of work by select members of the costume community. You will be able to directly examine the evolution of the costume art.
This year we are pleased to present a pair of retrospectives by couples renowned and respected for their work:
* Pierre and Sandy Pettinger
* Dana and Bruce MacDermott

Auntie M

The Forms to enter all of Our Contests are Now Online at http://www.cc26.info/main.php?section=events
If you were planning to participate in any of our contests, be sure to check in ASAP, so that we can be ready for you.
Note - In order to participate in any contests you must be a Member of the convention.

Auntie M

The Preliminary Program is up at http://www.cc26.info/main.php?section=program
Check out what will be happening and when.
Note - Some of the workshops require Sign up Now. So be sure to put in your reservation before all the slots are filled.

Auntie M

It's nearly tax day, do you know where you Costume-Con 26 Registration is? Let's hope so, 'cause pre-reg closes on April 15! Make sure you're ready to step into the Costume Continuum!

Welcome H.G. Wells back to Victorian London * Enter the Fantasy & SF Masquerade * Capture thousands of costume on film (or SD card) * Wear your fashion and art to wear designs on the runway in the Parallel Dimensions in Design show * Tour local wineries and art museums * Enter a prop in the Mad Science Fair * Etc.!

Now, what to wear??

Costume-Con is a premiere venue for professional and hobbyist costumers to meet, compete, share, and socialize.
Write us at [email protected] if you have questions or want to volunteer.
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