Stepney Bank
Newcastle Upon Tyne, England NE1 2NP

PERFORMANCE: Cory Arcangel Cory Arcangel is an internationally-
recognised artist living in New York who works with media
technologies - from old Nintendo consoles to the Google search
engine, to Hollywood film. He will perform for the first time an
"interactive" lecture / product demonstration, introducing the
computer code he has written for his recent projects. This "code" is
the engine behind his artwork and can be used to effectively recreate
his artwork yourself. His performance will be followed by a new film
work …

07:30 PM FILM: Cory Arcangel: Untitled Translation Exercise
Language: English
Format: DVD
Cory Arcangel presents 'Untitled Translation Exercise'. Cory often
hacks popular culture moving images, and this project is no
different: the script for the film Dazed and Confused was sent to an
executive assistant outsourcing firm in India where the assistants
were instructed to read the different parts and record their
performances. The results were then painstakingly dubbed with the
original motion picture. As a viewer watches the feature length film,
they are struck by the inconsistencies and manipulations that
underline the split between sound and image in the cinema. A film in
English has been dubbed into English, an act which makes the familiar
strange. UTE is by Cory Arcangel, Ben Jones, with additional
production by Miriam Katzeff.

Presented in collaboration with Cory's exhibition at the Northern
Gallery for Contemporary Art, "a couple thousand short films about
Glenn Gould" (commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella in
collaboration with Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Spacex
Gallery, Exeter and Castlefield Gallery, Manchester).
Preview: Thursday 6 December 6:00 - 8:00pm 2007
Exhibition dates: 7 December 2007 - 26 January 2008

Official Website:

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