Mumbai, Maharashtra

The Corporate Legal Counsel Summit 2008 is a platform for In House Legal Counsel and leading legal professionals to discuss the evolving role of Corporate Legal Counsel. In today’s business environment the Corporate Legal Counsel and law department face new responsibilities, heightened expectations and unprecedented challenges. They are no longer expected to only manage litigation but also add value to the organisation in the form of business advisors and risk managers. The Corporate Legal Counsel is now taking on a still more proactive role as excellence in legal risks and reputation management becomes a core competence which can lead to sustainable competitive advantage.

In these times of corporate scams, the importance of Corporate Governance has heightened with the roles of Corporate Legal Counsel as the conscience of the organisation taking central stage. Managing corporate crisis has also become as significant as corporate governance. It is the responsibility of the Corporate Legal Counsel to manage the reputation of the company - to protect it and manage the legal risks, advising the management on critical legal decisions.

Join the leading Legal Counsel in India at this two day summit as they evaluate, discuss and deliberate through case studies, panel discussions and presentations the best practices and techniques in successfully managing the legal function.

Conference Highlights:

Managing, leading and motivating a successful legal team
Recent changes in IP laws
Arbitration Vs Litigation
Risk management and the role of legal counsel
Social responsibility, ethics and the corporate legal counsel
M&A and legal issues
Legal Counsel’s role in managing crisis situation
Selecting outside legal counsel
Corporate Governance
Managing cross border legal affairs

Official Website: http://www.clc-summit.com

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