122 W 26th Street
New York, New York

The Jewish Funds for Justice invites you to
celebrate young Jewish leaders
building a just nation.

Celebrate the winners of
The Cornerstone Awards

Andrew David Friedman
Lawrence S. Levine Award

Julie Iny
Ruth P. Usher Award

Elana Karopkin
Valerie White Award

David M. Lubell
Sally Kohn Award

Low-income community organizations, though often ignored by a society that glorifies political and economic power, are the cornerstones of building a better America. Young Jews who are inspired by Jewish tradition or teaching to become leaders at these organizations, are the cornerstones of building a better Jewish community.

The Jewish Funds for Justice created the Cornerstone Awards to honor these men and women as Jewish leaders and to support the work of their organizations.

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For more information contact JFSJ at 212-213-2113

Official Website: http://ga6.org/jewish_justice/events/cornerstone/details.tcl

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