Corn Hill
Rochester, NY, New York

Each year, over a quarter million Rochestarians and Western New Yorkers converge upon this city neighborhood for the annual Corn Hill Arts Festival. Traditionally held the weekend after the Fourth of July, this exciting two-day summer festival plays host to over 500 of the country's finest artists and craftsperson. From pottery to paintings, woodworking to sculptures, textiles to jewelry, this festival has it all. Known as one of the best, the festival is officially recognized as one of the TOP 200 festivals in the country by Sunshine Artist Magazine.

Added by jeresig on April 19, 2005



ok, i don't know how i will ever find this, but there was this young italian artist with amazing abstract paintings and he was packing up when i walked by and i talked to him for a minute but stupid me i forgot to get his business card or whatnot and i would LOVE to buy one of his paintings or at least see them again...any ideas?


We looked at the website to find parking. However, the map is completely wrong! The festival is near Exchange Blvd. and Plymouth Ave. in the Cornhill neighborhood, not near Irondequoit!