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In this 4-day JavaServer Faces (JSF) course, you will learn how to create Java EE web applications with JSF components, utilising JSF's component-oriented development techniques, whilst taking advantage of 3rd party components, IDEs and Open Source projects available. We will start with a thorough overview of key concepts and principles on which the JavaServer architecture is based and will then explain how JSF relates to Struts and other web frameworks currently on the market. You will learn about IDEs that support JSF as well as libraries that facilitate JSF development with Ajax, JBoss Seam and Facelets. Upon completion of this JSF course, you will know how to develop web applications with JSF and how to integrate your JSF application with Struts and your existing applications.


* Create JavaServer Faces based web applications
* Utilise component-oriented development techniques
* Work with standard JSF components
* Develop custom components, validators and convertors
* Take advantage of 3rd party components, IDEs and Open Source technologies
* Use JSF with Ajax, JBoss Seam and Facelets
* Integrate JSF with Struts and your existing applications


* An introduction to JSF
* Exploring the JSF landscape
* Getting Started with JSF

Standard Features

* Creating Backing Beans and using Managed Beans
* Exploring the Standard Components
* Internationalization, Validators, and Converters
* Using Facelets

Application Development

* Developing with JSF
* Inside the JSF Architecture
* Writing Custom Components, Validators, and Converters

Extensions and Integration

* Component frameworks overview
* Using Apache Shale (appendix)
* Migrating from Struts (appendix)
* Using JBoss Seam (appendix)
* Summary and Future Directions

Mike Burton will be teaching this course.

Official Website: http://skillsmatter.com/course/ajax-ria/jsf-and-ajax

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