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This 2-day hands-on course you will learn how to develop reusable Flash based applications using ActionScript 3.0 and an object-oriented approach. This course is also suitable if you wish to use ActionScript 3.0 to create components for Flex-based development.

This ActionScript course starts by introducing Object-Oriented ActionScript, exploring the ActionScript 3.0 language and its features. You’ll learn how to implement ActionScript 3.0 code using object-oriented concepts through various hands-on exercises. You will also find out about real-world applications and learn various useful tips and tricks, when we will have an indepth look at the development workflow and at how you can best structure applications and use design patterns to solve common problems and help you optimise the development workflow.

The next course will be delivered at Skills Matter - London, on 27 Oct 2008 by Peter Elst. Peter is also the author of this course and a certified Flash instructor, Adobe Community Expert. Peter is very active in the Adobe User Group Belgium and has given several free sessions to the Flex and ActionScript users at Skills Matter in the UK. As a freelance Flash platform consultant and respected member of the online community, Peter has spoken at various international industry

Upon completion of this ActionScript course you will be able to:
* Use ActionScript 3.0 syntax and its new features
* Understand core object-oriented programming concepts with ActionScript
* Apply best practice for developing reusable web applications
* Solve common problems by implementing design patterns
* Build and deploy real-world web applications using ActionScript
* Create components for Flex-based development

Official Website: http://skillsmatter.com/course/ajax-ria/object-oriented-actionscript

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