603 Red River St
Austin, Texas 78701


This Brooklyn-based quintet is equally at home amongst the New York art rock scene or the vibrant Rock en Espanol movement, pegging both with heaping amounts of sassy spontaneity and sexy Latin stylings; the latter giving Cordero's sound and aesthetic nothing less than an undeniable romantic flair. Throw in their gutsy sensibilities and hold it all together with Ani Cordero's gatekeeper presence, and you've got a dead-sexy rock band that can set the scene for a golden desert sunset or a lusty encounter with a complete stranger.

Yes, much can be made about their effortless, sensual and rocking cross-cultural pollination, but, quite frankly, we're too busy shaking our moneymakers on the dance floor to care...

"...downright gorgeous Latin-tinged indie-rock. (Ani) sings like an angel crying into her drink. The band can surround and buoy her vocals with exquisite grace..." The Chicago Reader

"...You'll be dancing before you realize it." The Fader Magazine

Other Bands: Koufax.

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