1510 NE Multnomah Street
Portland, Oregon 97232

"The film is about a young girl, Coraline (Dakota Fanning), who unlocks a mysterious door in her new home and enters into a parallel reality, a fantastical and thrilling imitation of her own dull life."

"Laika Entertainment House (formerly Vinton Studios) has funded the film with around $50 to $70 million. Coraline is the first stop-motion animation to be shot stereoscopically with a dual digital camera rig for digital 3-D exhibition."

After beer and blog, head over to lloyd cinama. this show will sell out fast so get tickets early. playtimes are 12pm 2:35pm, 5:10pm, 7:45pm(sold out), and 10:20pm

Fandango movie time list

Official Website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coraline_(film)

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An emergency came up and I'll flying out tomorrow. I will not be able to attend the Word Press event at Google.

But please add me to the mailing list. Thank you. [email protected]


Hi there,

Although it sounds interesting to me, I'm not familiar w this type of events. Can anyone tell me more about them? (I have to drive from SF, so I want to be sure..) Thanks!


edf, it's something like wordcamp on a smaller scale. We're going to be talking about general wordpress stuff. You can ask general questions and give advice, etc.


Wish I could be there...Wordcamp was a great experience. I am flying back from Philly but don't land until 5 PM.


edf - it's basically just chilling with a bunch of wordpress people. Conversation is loosely based on WP - but people talk about their own projects and web stuff. I'm coming a long way too, from the East bay. It won't disappoint.