750 Ridder Park Drive
San Jose, California 95190

The San Jose Mercury News invites you to the first ever Copycamp at their Newsroom on April 19th, 2008.

RSVP at our wiki: http://copycamp.pbwiki.com/San+Jose+Mercury+News

CopyCamp is a one day un-conference that brings community members into the newsroom to meet and discuss important issues with local journalists. After an initial meet and greet, reporters from the San Jose Mercury News and active members of the San Jose community will suggest topics they believe will benefit through an open dialogue in the hopes of improving the quality of journalism in the Bay Area and figuring out how the SJMN can better cover under represented communities.

These conversations can cover any topic pertaining to the South Bay, from education to homelessness or even propose collaborative future projects for the Mercury News. The hope is that by coming together to learn from each other the journalists will have a better understanding of community issues and local readers and citizen journalists can voice constructive criticism and even partner with journalists.

We won't know what will be discussed until that day - because the agenda is set by those who show up. We do know this is an opportunity to improve the quality of journalism from the Mercury News, the relationship between journalist and reader and a way to work together to redefine the San Jose identity.

Come join us.

When: April 19th
Where: San Jose Mercury Newsroom
Why: Everyone will learn something

Official Website: http://copycamp.pbwiki.com/San+Jose+Mercury+News

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