Ahlefeldtsgade 16
KĂžbenhavn K, Hovedstaden 1359

The monthly gathering of Ruby users in Copenhagen.

* Morten Primdahl: Experiences from launching a product on Rails
* Lau Taarnskov: OpenID

As always, please shout out on the mailing list if you have something on your mind for the agenda.

Official Website: http://copenhagenrb.dk

Added by JakobS on October 3, 2007



Can't attend on that date -- will be busy drinking beers elsewhere

Bastien Vaucher

I have been working with ruby on rails for 1 year in Switzerland and will soon move to DK, currently looking for a job there. I hope I can attend to that meeting.


Hi, Do you know where you want to live?

Bastien Vaucher

Yes, I want to live in Copenhagen.
Hope to meet you all soon.


I am Jean-Luc, a postgraduate student at RUC. I am attending the meeting the 24th, and I would like to present an implementation of the ant colony algorithm in Ruby.