Ahlefeldtsgade 16
København K, Hovedstaden 1359

The monthly gathering of Ruby users in Copenhagen.

The agenda so far:

* Jesper Rønn-Jensen: A Copenhagen.rb project?

If you have something you want to share, do shout out on the mailing list.

Official Website: http://copenhagenrb.dk

Added by JakobS on January 21, 2008



200_8_, we're in 2008, gotta remenber that. Thanks Lars ;)


I got a message from someone, who gave very few details, but was unsure if knowing only English would be enough to get a good CPH.rb meetup experience.

I guess the protocol to get this done would be to:

1) Find JakobS, or some other "host person" for the event.
2) Tell them "I'd like for presentations to be in English, otherwise I'm toast."
3) Smile wide, say please.


Traditionally people are kind enough to use english for the presentations and discussions. It would not be the first time we've had all-english meetings.

Bastien Vaucher

Looking forward to meeting you again guys !


Hi, I'm going to come tomorrow if that's ok. I know a little Danish, but not enough for an entire evening of discussion. Did you decide if an English event was ok?