1222 Commonwealth Avenue
Allston, Massachusetts

Picture yourself in a horrible blizzard. But instead of snow, the blizzard is… COOKIES. Terrifying!!!! Welp, that is how you are about to feel at the BOSTON COOKIE TAKEDOWN… Oh wait, did you not want to be blizzarded by ten billion trillion yummy cookies? Tickets are $10 to roll around in ALL the AMAZING cookies, and laugh and laugh!!!!!! And YES! Great Scott’s WILL BE SELLING MILK to plunge your cookies in and ENHANCE THE YUMMINESS!!! Spots are TOTALLY AVAILABLE if you’d like to compete! The best batches (voted by the crowds, and a panel of judges) win amazing prizos from Wusthof, Anolon and Microplane!!!

Official Website: http://www.greatscottboston.com/

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