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Contra Dance is an old time community dance where couples face each other in long lines up and down the dance floor and dance with every other couple in the line. Dances are done to live music, generally Celtic reels or jigs.

YOU DON'T NEED A PARTNER to contra dance. People in the contra dance community are very friendly and welcoming and people of all ages, including children participate. Partners are changed after each dance.

You DON'T NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DANCE. Free lessons for beginners are offered one half hour preceding each dance. Steps are simple, with emphasis on patterns rather than fancy footwork. A caller gives cues during the dance alerting dancers to their next moves. Dancing is easy to learn and beginners are always welcome!

Lynn Ackerson and Ponderosa (Tom Dose, Scott Gavin, and Bob Kastelic) will join us for our fourth Saturday contra dance on Saturday, June 27 at Coloma Community Center. Join us at 8PM or 7:30PM for the beginner's lesson and dance until the crows fly home or 11PM, whichever comes first. More information: http://www.scds.ca or call John/Laura at (916) 739-6014

Official Website: http://www.scds.ca

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