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Content Management Systems (CMS) provide ever improving platforms for collective authoring of Website information. What are the opportunities, issues, and myths surrounding them?

No longer do authors need Web design skills, or have to wait for the Webmaster to post their information. Instead, they can use powerful and easy to use CMS to create, edit, post and remove content. CMS based websites may support a multi-national enterprise with mission critical applications, and huge libraries of documents. Or an entrepreneur can use a free CMS to set up an online ecommerce site, rich with online store, forums, blogs, glossaries or WIKIS. Universities use them for event calendars, on-line registration, class schedules, and faculty biographies.

But what are the issues? Does the "container" fit the contents? Does the software support the work flow? Will it rank well with search engines? Do the applications perform as needed? How do you plan and execute an enterprise level project?

Corporate decision makers, small business owners, and Web designers can learn
CMS Landscape - What is out there?
Should your next site be based on a CMS System?
Can you make a website from a blogging platform?
What is the best free Open Source CMS? (Does Open Source=free?)
What are the top 3 issues for a large corporate CMS?
Biggest CMS myths - BUSTED!
How to get top position in the search engines with a CMS?

Stanford M. Davis, Search Engine Optimization Consultant, Straight-On Internet Consulting
George Ross, Director of Technology, ISITE Design
Scott Hendison, CEO, Search Commander, Inc.
Renee McKechnie, Web Engineer, Oregon Health & Science University

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