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Implementing an effective unified content strategy is a balance between what is desired and what is possible from both an authoring and a technical perspective. An optimum implementation strategy is based on your analysis of your content, the potential for reuse, and the end user content requirements, as well as on your understanding of the technical capabilities/implementation of the content management system. This workshop provides you with an understanding of the factors affecting implementation, enabling you to make the right decisions about implementing your unified content strategy and your content management system on your own, with IT, or with your technology vendor.

You will learn about the pros and cons of the key technology components of your solution, why granularity of reuse matters, and how to make informed decisions about standards like DITA (use the standard, extend the standard, or build your own). If you are moving towards XML-based, reuse-focused content management you should not miss this workshop

Note that it is not intended to be a technical ?how-to? session; rather, it focuses on helping you to understand implementation issues.

Who should attend:
Who should attend
* Information Architects
* Software developers
* Information technology professionals
* Business and information technology managers

This workshop is part of the Rockley Workshop Series sponsored by Intentional Design Inc. and STC Canada West Coast.

For full details and to register, see http://www.rockley.com/WS_Implementation%20Strategies%20for%20Content%20Management.htm.

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