How user generated content and social networks are reshaping the value of content and challenging "professionally-produced" content is the focus of NMK's summer conference - Content 2.0.

What impact do current trends and innovations have on established business models? Is Web 2.0 more about delivering a social value or benefit for the consumer and where do brands figure in the connected landscape? How will the commercial value of content be realised in the future? How do we handle the transition?

Explore and debate the rise of the superchannels, new marketing techniques attuned to Content 2.0, the power of search and recommendation and the dynamics of folksonomy with leading marketers and technologists including:

Bradley Horowitz (USA) - Yahoo!
Suranaga Chandratillake (USA) - Blinkxx
Jamie Kantrowitz (USA) - MySpace
Alex Barnett (USA) - Microsoft
Hugh MacLeod (UK) - GapingVoid
Marc Canter (USA) - Broadband Mechanics
Shel Israel (USA) - Naked Conversations
Adriana Cronin-Lukas (UK) - Big Blog Company
Matthew Ogle (UK) -
and more...

Fed up with regular conferences? Content 2.0 is inviting questions and comments now to merge the conference with wider debates so we can all benefit.

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Just confirmed - Matt Locke, Head of Innovation at BBC New Media will be giving a talk titled Folksonomies: What Are They Good For? at the conference