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Palo Alto, California 94303

This webinar will discuss various container closure systems that are available for use with liquids and lyophilized products, the components that constitute a container closure system and also cover specialized delivery systems.

Why Should You Attend:
This seminar will cover the various container closure systems that are available for use with liquids, lyophilized products (bulk and single use), suspensions, emulsions, and bulk powders.

As formulations get more complex, due to the chemical and physical instability of many of the new biologically based molecules (monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, etc.), the container closure systems have to adapt as well. Understanding how the container closure system can affect product stability, and knowing what options are available from the different manufacturers, is critical in ensuring long term stability and closure system integrity.

In addition to discussing various vial and stopper configurations, specialized systems, including prefilled syringes, will be discussed along with the different specialized coating options that are available for these systems.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will

- Learn how to identify the different types of vials and stopper for specific needs.
- Understand what types of special formulations and coatings are available and when to consider these.
- Learn how to choose a pre-filled syringe and things to consider for long term stability.
- Understand tray drying and specialized containers for bulk freeze-drying.

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