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In times like these every consultant must strive for greater trust and to become the Trusted Advisor.
Trust is the key perception consultants want for themselves, their product or service and their companies. It is the single stratagem that sets one apart. It is what builds businesses, careers and lives of joy.

But it isn't easy to come by.

Consultants must look at their own approaches as well as the client's to be sure they are on track. They absolutely, positively must, without fail, be credible, accessible and candid.

This conference is about sweating the details, connecting and staying committed. It is about getting to trust with prospects, clients and collaborators. It is about establishing value, integrity and a way forward in trying times. It is about learning from consultants that have done it and are continuing to do so.

Speakers include:
Vicky Trabosh, Keynote Speaker, who inspires audiences with her fresh perspective, wisdom and actionable suggestions. She has addressed the United Nations and established The Itafari Foundation to literally help grow a country, one brick (itafari) at a time.
Dr. Vincent DeFazio, a senior partner at Remington Consulting and a Certified Management Consultant known for his quiet but firm delivery of bold advice that leads inexorably to powerful results.
Kathie Nelson, a serial entrepreneur and Principal of ConnectWorks who uses cut-to-the-chase deliverables to transform client businesses. She delivers advice one can trust to get a practice off on the right foot.
Plus, John Cochran of Executive Forum, Christine Martell from Visual Speak and Jan Black of Quiddity, Inc. who will participate in a panel discussion to show consultants how to turn their knowledge into another revenue stream.

$125 IMC members, $150 non-members before Feb. 12. After that date, $140 members, $165 non-members.

Official Website: http://www.imc-oregon.org/cf_feb_2009

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