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The president is breaking the law. Momentum is already mounting in Congress for a real, independent investigation into the president's illegal wiretapping program. But unless Congress knows that citizens are concerned, they'll shrink from their responsibility to act as a check on the president's power.

To turn up the pressure on Congress, we?re organizing nationwide ?Constitution Vigils? on Wednesday, February 22nd, to bear witness to the president?s lawbreaking.

We?ll get together with other MoveOn members and read the Bill of Rights to remind Congress about what?s at stake.

Thousands of us will gather together to send a strong message to our elected representatives that they won?t be able to ignore--especially since many of them will be home in their districts for the Presidents' Day holiday. The more of us that participate, the louder our message will be.

Host your own Constitution Vigil or sign up for an event near you.

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