425 California St., Suite 500
San Francisco, California 94104-2107

March 1 and March 2, 9:00am - 4:30pm

Employee lawsuits often focus on the quality of employer investigations and the skills of those who conduct them. Were the investigators well trained? Did they gather relevant facts and make objective determinations? During this two-day program, you'll acquire and use the skills needed to conduct effective investigations.

DAY 1 -- Build Your Toolkit
Look into the reasons-laws and HR practices-for conducting investigations and what to do before you start. You'll find out how to:

Identify who should investigate what, when and why

Outline the anatomy of an investigation

Interview and handle reluctant witnesses

Prepare documentation that holds up in court

DAY 2 -- Put Your Tools to Use
Apply your knowledge from day 1 and practice, practice, practice. You'll:

Conduct a mock investigation--interview a complainant and witness, and question a respondent

Weigh evidence and arrive at a fair determination

Write an investigative report

Prepare for corrective action based on findings

About the Presenter
Amy Oppenheimer is an attorney, mediator, trainer and investigator specializing in preventing and responding to workplace harassment. She is co-author of Investigating Workplace Harassment: How to be Fair, Thorough and Legal and is the founder and president of CAOWI - California Association of Workplace Investigators.

Official Website: http://www.nchra.org

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