950 Hotel Cir N
San Diego, California 92108

ConDor is a dessert parfait (and everyone likes parfaits!) made up of confectionary layers of science fiction, fantasy, horror, art, music, discussion, real actual space science, films, gaming, shopping, partying, and food!

If ConDor were a person, it would be your favorite uncle from out of town who visits once a year and brings toys and games. You know, the one your parents aren't too happy with, because he shoots from the hip and always tells the truth, no matter what.

ConDor is a comfortable convention. You can actually find time to sit in the big comfy chairs in the hotel lobby and gossip for a while, or even just read a book. You can meet all your old friends here, and make a bunch of new ones.

If ConDor were a tv show, it would be "I Dream of Jeannie," where science fiction and fantasy get along happily together, along with a little romance and some healthy laughs.

If ConDor were a zoo...well, hey, there are some who say it is! But it's a happy little zoo, where there aren't any bars on the cages, and, in fact, nobody is completely sure who are the exhibits and who are the visitors!

Come to ConDor, the convention that isn't afraid to mix metaphors.

Official Website: http://www.condorcon.org

Added by SARudy on June 9, 2009