38-44 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7XJ
London, England


The Scotch Egg Band A no less than stunning world exclusive for concentration face sees the KFC Core maestro form the screaming nucleus of a band with not, not two, but three (that's 3!) drummers - sourced from Trencher and I am Good. And most probably a whole lot of other really noisy things. If you’ve seen Scotch Egg before you will realise why we’re so excited. If not, then you should really be checking him out. Magic.

Atom Truck Adaadat Records co-founder, musical genius, Scottish Gentleman and part-time Chef Atom Truck is bound to cause some fun. A rare live performance from the man who brought Germlin, Doddodo and Omm to the world.

Um Enigmatic Cambridge based Um arrives with his off-kilter charity shop grooves, sampled loops and post digital crunches and hums. His style is short, darkly humourous tales that are often touching. UM has shared live space with Hot chip , V/VM, Felix Kubin, Panda Bear, Kevin Blechdom and Mum.

Man From Uranus are purveyors of "retro-futuristic Moog tunes, space soundtracks and avant-garde noise"; a description that sums them up good and proper. Sharing a bouncing tenor with Plone and a Radiophonic fetish with KoW, MFU pulls influences from Sun Ra, Stockhausen and Jean-Jacques Perrey to concoct vinaigrettes of wholesome vintage fun.

Ascoltare Ascoltare's sound has evolved to include a diversity of influences from vintage and lo-fi electronica, digital noise and minimal glitch emission. Shifting hand-assembled beats are bound with fragile instrumental lines and natural digital textures to form a bridge between bitter sweet melodic warmth and gritty abstract precision.

Loz Kolesko Aphex influenced drug programming that is guaranteed to get you moving. Loz has a total disregard for the mainstream with a body of work that stick 2 fingers up to the woefully banal 'dance' music that invades most clubs.
Doors: 8pm. Admission: £5. Tickets available from We Got Tickets.

Official Website: http://www.bardensbar.co.uk/events.htm

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