23-29 Emerald st.
London, London WC13Q

Please RSVP to Diane (d.carr[at]ioe.ac.uk) or Siobhan (four[at]nucleus.com)
Overview: Ren Reynolds will lead a discussion about the public policy issues bought about by computer games and virtual worlds. The discussion will focus on identifying which policy debates would most benefit from interventions informed by a rigorous, research based approach.

Background - As computer games and virtual worlds gain mainstream attention they also attract the attention of policy makers and popular media. While insiders known for many years that computer games have posed serious policy challenges they are often seen as a new and frightening phenomena by media and politicians alike. The danger that faces society is that policies are formed based on a lack of understanding and popularized framing of computer games as simply ‘addictive’, ‘dangerous’ or the one secret to the future of education. Such characterizations do not lead to sound policy formation.
To stimulate an informed debate Ren Reynolds is promoting the formation of a think tank that will use the best of academic research to support a balanced public discussion about the uses, dangers and benefits of computer games and virtual worlds. Based in the UK such as organization would think globally but frame issues locally employing European sensibilities.

The initial challenge that such an organization faces is where to focus. What issues are key for the UK right now?

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