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How similar is the human brain to a computer? Computers have long been used to study the brain - for example, computer models of how brain cells are linked together can help neuroscientists understand the way the brain behaves in certain situations.

But how much does this brain-equals-computer analogy really help us to understand the brain? Can computer models of brain activity allow us to read minds? Will we ever be able to build a digital version of the amazingly complex human brain?

Artificial intelligence is progressing with advances in computer power, and robots are also becoming more and more complex and human-like (in their movements at least!). Scientists can now even connect computers and brains directly. The ‘brain-computer interface’ is being developed to allow a paralysed person to control an artificial hand via an implant in the brain.

So what does this mean for the future? Will brains and computers be able to work together to eliminate disability, or even enhance a normal human brain? Join us to find out. You’ll hear from experts in the field and get the chance to ask your own questions.

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