1047 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

See Compound Red, Alligator Gun, and Loomis all back together again for a reunion show. Doors open at 7:00 PM

Compound Red (Jon Lyman, Andy Reis, Dave Henderleiter, Jim Minor, Mike Allen)

Alligator Gun (John Kucera, Bill Couture, Craig Johanson, Scott Schoenbeck)

Loomis (Chris Rosenau, Mike Chubbuck, Eric Marshall, David Kawczynski)

Added by raster on July 24, 2006



This is basically the best news ever.


I'll even try to be nice to Alligator Gun this time... I think I may have heckled them a bit last time I saw them, but then, that's half the fun, isn't it?


Has anybody seen Mike McQueen?


What's the price of this show? I'm assuming it will be cheap since this is a reunion show... Anyone know?


good question.


According to this, you can contact Tom Crawford for more info: [email protected]

Can't imagine it'll be more than $10.


Update: Atomic Records has tickets for sale at the store. $10.