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Can you determine acid levels in wine? Sweetness and what it comes from? What's the difference between fruit sweetness and sugar sweetness? What is floral? What's a big wine? How do you know?

What happens to the perception of sweetness when there is high acidity?

Can you recognize alcohol levels? We will help you to see what alcohol brings to the party.

This is a class to demystify wine terms and learn to understand what things like acid, sugar and alcohol really represent; what balance means.

‘Wine speak’ can use trendy terms that can stump the best of us. Here's a good class to break wine terms down into accessible words and tools, while learning how to identify those different components. These terms represent wine fundamentals that we can all discover in every wine. You will get a handy "wine speak" list as well.

Wine is really just cause and effect. Come taste the components and learn more about them.

Knowing how to pull apart wine and then put it back together again is fun and helps you better understand what you taste.

Official Website: http://www.ingoodtastestore.com

Added by In Good Taste on February 3, 2008