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This webinar will help you understand the evolving role of Chief Information Security Officers in the workplace. we will explore the history of the chief information security officer position, their increased voice in the board room, increased pressure from CEOs to address an ever changing technology landscape, the shift from a technology role to a strategic role, saying “yes” rather than “no,” the three types of security leaders of today, and the future of the CISOs in your organization as identified in the IBM 2012 study.

Why Should You Attend:

Every day, new streams of information flow into corporations, powering up-to-the-minute analysis and smarter decisions. Employees, customers and contractors are all connected as never before, across a multitude of technologies. This hyper-connected era is new ground for many organizations. These sprawling and overlapping networks pose daunting security challenges. The complexity is dizzying, the possible points of attack nearly limitless. CIOs and CISOs are grappling with growing frustrations—and questions.

"This data painted a profile of a new class of CISO leaders who are developing a strategic voice, and paving the way to a more proactive and integrated stance on information security," said David Jarvis, author of the report and senior consultant at the IBM Center for Applied Insights. "We see the path of the CISO is now maturing in a similar pattern to the CFO from the 1970s, the CIO from the 1980s – from a technical one to a strategic business enabler. This demonstrates how integral IT security has become to organizations."

This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all organizations on how the role of the Chief information Security Officer is changing and why it needs to enable organizational success in current and future technology initiatives.

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