2540 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Illinois

Thursdays and Fridays through December @ 10:30pm!

COMPETITIVE AWESOME?S two-man show, ?So Much for Sober,? is a melting pot of cultural, political and historical satire. From George W. Bush to Deaf Sitcoms to Lewis and Clark, no leaf is left unturned. The seamless transitions form piece-to-piece leave the viewer almost unable to distinguish between them, and fills the audience with the sensation of effortlessly watching one fluid motion. The relationships explored, the ease of enjoyment and the taste of the material leaves everyone feeling as though they?ve just eaten the best intellectual meal one could digest.

?Lactatingly Funny?
-Washington Sentinal

?The next day I found myself quoting lines as if it were The Simpsons or Chappelle?s Show. ?
-The Chicago Reader

?Competitive Awesome is Awesome!?
-Eddie Izzard

?Great Show! These are two very strange and
wierdly funny white guys."
-Carlos Alazraqui & Cedric Yarbrough
Comedy Central, RENO 911

Go to their web site: www.competitiveawesome.com

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I saw this show last Friday! This Comedy Duo is the future of Comedy...you must go and see this show! So damn funny!

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