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Ein Themencamp mit dem Schwerpunkt Communities - technische und soziale Aspekte.

Alle weiteren Infos im mixxt Netzwerk.

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Added by zeniscalm on April 22, 2008



Okay, so I'm going to be in Berlin for a few days at the end of this week and looking to fill my time and meet some interesting people. This event looks to be a BarCamp style event but unfortunately I don't speak/read German and the site isn't in English. Are the sessions going to be exclusively in German or in English as well? Finally, any cost to attend or is this like most other BarCamps that are free? I'd love to come but seeing as I don't understand German, that could be a hindrance. A comment here with some clarification or an email or tweet (@sanjay) would be great. Thanks.

Sanjay -


Hi Sanjay,

the communitycamp is a barcamp style event with focus on community management, community building etc. and like most of the barcamps it`s free. It would be nice if you could register yourself at the eventpage on .You could switch the network language to english in the green bar on top of the page.
In general the sessions will be in German but as usual most of the speakers will switch to English if there is a none-german listener in the audience.

Kind regards