2049 San Pablo Ave
Berkeley, California

Speakers include:

  • Urban Adamah – a community organic farm and Jewish environmental educational center located in Berkeley, CA.

  • Youth Uprising – making change in East Oakland by developing the leadership of youth and young adults and improving the systems that impact them.

  • Live Local Mission – a loyalty card for small local businesses in the mission.

about community hacks

The systems we have to take care of our communities are broken. And folks are creating community hacks like crazy. Hereʼs a few more: the LA city government changed the rules to give away leftover food; thereʼs a journalist in San Diego who bulldogged the data to find out that WWII vets are most at risk of suicide; thereʼs a map of San Francisco that two geeks developed with photos put online by the San Francisco Public Library.

Amazing hacks.

What I want to know is this: How do they work and how do we make community hacks more intentional? The community hacks event is about getting people to talk about their hacks. And at very least, weʼll get the word out. Weʼll get inspired. But maybe weʼll also find whatʼs common about them. Is there one law that can be changed? How do we cultivate these community hacks? Is there a way to galvanize the will of a community?

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