11011 West Charleston Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89135

Community 2.0 is the inaugural event for forward-thinking organizations that recognize the need of harnessing the network effect of community to make smarter, faster, and better business decisions.

This conference will offer an illuminating look at how community and social networks radically change the performance of companies in the areas of:

* Marketing- Find out how companies are harnessing the power of community to create two-way dialogues with their customers that ultimately deepen relationships and improve their bottom line.
* Product Innovation- Share ideas with industry thought leaders on how “crowd sourcing” is shortening product development cycles and creating new product opportunities.
* Customer Service- Learn how best practice companies are leveraging their customers to “self-service” and respond faster and more intelligently to company questions.

Who will be there?

If you are already involved with communities or if you are thinking about using the power of communities to improve specific business processes, you cannot miss this event!

* Chief Marketing Officer, VP, and Director of Marketing
* Chief Creative Officer, VP, and Director of Innovation
* Business/Product line owners
* Chief Technology Officer, eCommerce/eBusiness executives
* Chief Customer Care Officer, VP, and Director of Customer Care

Community 2.0 is the must-attend event 100% dedicated to how community will undoubtedly impact your business. Save the date and join us in Las Vegas!

Official Website: http://www.community2-0con.com

Added by planspark on November 12, 2006



I think it is a rather stupid idea to have this done at the same time as SXSW ...

Then again, looking at the wanted target customer group they may not be interested in the people attending SXSW anyway.


Timing you can't always control - but the $1600 price tag surely they could have done something about that.

Again, real world things with version numbers attached to them is lame. So is an expensive conference about 'community' Community is not about pricetags, surely?




Well, if you are coming and you are free tomorrow afternoon SUN 1-430 pm, we are hosting a BBQ at the Social Media Clubhouse - more details on our site http://www.socialmediaclub.com/


um these are the wrong dates! May 12-15 someone please fix!


LOL the homepage link to http://www.community2-0con.com is now owned by a cyber-squatter. Try instead http://www.iirusa.com/community/event-overview.xml