Building D, 3410 Hillview Avenue
Palo Alto, California 94304

As the choice of communications tools increases, the corporate challenges of managing the etiquette, integrity and legalities of usage also increase. This engaging event provides attendees with the opportunity to learn from the protocol, HR and legal experts the 'dos and don'ts of emails, blogs and text messages while also hearing perspectives of dedicated 'users' of these communications tools.

An Information Mapping, Inc. study found that 89% of the respondents wasted as much as one hour per day trying to decipher poorly-written e-mails.

Your company's image and professionalism may be at risk when an employee participates in a blog, sends an inappropriate email or text messages a client. This practical panel discussion will provide you with tools and techniques to improve productivity and results from communications today - through blogs, emails, text messaging and more.

Key topics to be discussed include:

* When, why and how blogging can be effective
* Five tips for improving email etiquette
* Avoid the 'fatal faux pas' of communications today
* Establishing and enforcing company policies
* Avoiding legal dilemmas from communications


* Kristi Royse - Next Step to provide overview of best communications protocols today.
* Sean Murphy - Sean Murphy Consulting - Expert in blogging, WIKIs, email and other technology-based communications
* Jennifer Lankheim, Manager of Corporate Communications at SAP Labs
* Law Firm

Complimentary appetizers, beer, wine and soft drinks will be served.


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