8888 University Drive
Vancouver-Burnaby, British Columbia

Location: Mallinson Conference room, K8652 (just one floor below our general Office)

Roman Onufrijchuk is the Honours Co-ordinator, so if you need further information about the Honours program, or these presentations, contact [email protected]

Only 4 students presenting this time, so it will be short and sweet.

The CMNS 498-10 student presents first (work completed -- or almost completed):

Martin Kuo, "Are you GAM? The Representation of Pacific Asian Men
in Vancouver's Gay Community"
Supervisors: Kirsten McAllister & Helen Leung (Women's studies)

Followed by CMNS 497-5 (work in progress or work planned):

Kateryna Kurdyuk, "Commerce and Folklore in Industrial Society"
Supervisors: Roman Onufrijchuk & Martin Laba

Olga Orda, "Enabling Citizenship: The Development of Youth Peer-to-Peer Networks and Self-Governance Practices in Ukraine"
Supervisors: Roman Onufrijchuk & Martin Laba

Sukhy Sidhu, "The Social Construction of Reality"
Supervisors: Shane Gunster & Gary McCarron

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